Reactive hypoglycemia: A happy ending?

Hello everyone! It’s been an absolute age since I updated this blog, but I’ve quite a few of you email me directly to let me know that you have also been suffering with reactive hypoglycemia and how you were so happy to have discovered the blog! And a number of you asked that I update it again so here goes….

Well the reason I haven’t been updating it is because I actually totally stopped experiencing any symptoms of reactive hypoglcyemia and I wasn’t sure what else to say. Now I have to caveat that with – I am still following a strict routine in terms of what I eat…and still eat at regular intervals. So breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner – bedtime snack. I also have to say that I am not about to go stuffing my face with regular chocolate and chips to discover what might happen anytime soon! But I have found a very good groove and can not remember the last time I experienced any symptoms.

As I have mentioned to many of you over email, I worked VERY hard to heal myself. There is no magic ticket but I really geared everything in my life to be anti-inflammatory, as I believe that ultimately we need to look at reactive hypoglycemia essentially as inflammation – like with any illness, all of which is a type of inflammation in our bodies. So that was everything I ate, took, how I exercised, slept, mediated – a whole 360 degree approach.

There is another thing that happened and I guess I will never know whether there was truly a link here. At the beginning of the year I contracted a nasty staph aureus skin infection. I have been on multiple rounds of antibiotics on and off over the last few months to kill this bugger off, and am on what I really hope is my final round now. But when I stopped feeling any kind of symptoms, it was when took my first round of antibiotics. I wondered whether there is any chance that all of this could be caused by some bacteria? I guess I will never know the answer to how this all happened but potentially an interesting theory to think about???!

I plan to update in detail about what I now eat in a day (it’s moved on a fair bit from this), as well as provide some tips on things you can buy to eat and drink as substitutes which I have discovered over the many, many months since I last wrote.

I am always so happy to hear from others who are living with reactive hypoglycemia and always happy to help and share my experience and any tips I can so please don’t be shy and shoot me and email if you would like to!


2 thoughts on “Reactive hypoglycemia: A happy ending?

  1. Hey SIBO can cause reactive hypoglycaemia, bacteria in the wrong place, eats up all your nutrients and causes inflammation. Also if you went Keto that would starve out the bacteria, so that might be why it’s resolved too. I have both of these things too but suspect I had RH since I was young but didn’t realise. It was quite mild, only really affected me when I tried to exercise more than moderate.


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