What I eat in a day NOW with reactive hypoglycemia

Hello everyone, as promised I am laying out a revised what I eat in a day rough guide for you here to follow up on the one I wrote back last year. One thing that has changed is probably the amount and variety carbs I am now able to tolerate in one meal. Although I do still restrict these, I don’t count my carbs. I have also been slowly working on the amount of fruit and type I can eat in one sitting (but never eaten alone). So here goes!

Breakfast (circa 8am)

  • Keto granola with 4 tablespoons of oatbran added and one tablespoon MCT oil (MCT oil was a gamechanger for me in terms of keeping my blood sugar stable in the morning), topped with two tablespoos of fruit (strawberries/blueberries/chopped apples, plums and nectarine)
  • Almond flour porridge with 4 tablespoons of pinhead oats added, topped with sesame butter, chia seeds and drizzled with fibre syrup and one tablespoon of MCT oil, fruit added as above
  • Scrambled eggs or tofu with either half a piece of regular wholemeal tost and avocado or Seedful bread, a slice of watermelon or half a kiwi fruit

Morning snack (circa 10.30am)

  • Oatcake with slice of cheese and small portion fruit e.g. few a couple of segments of orange or handful of grapes
  • Protein smoothie with tablespoon of peanut butter and some full fat greek yogurt added
  • Homemade seed biscuits and small portion of fruit

Lunch (circa 12.30pm)

  • Letfovers from dinner! Always try to make extra to save you the headache of thinking what to make.
  • Salad bowl with 4 tablespoons of wholewheat or chickpea pasta/red or black rice or small small portion of sweet potatoes, completed with tofu, salmon or whatever protein I have around.
  • Homemade veggie or chicken soup with half a piece of wholemeal toast and avocado or a a piece of Seedful bread and hummus
  • Courgette/spinach and cheese omelette with carbs as above
  • Half a small sweet potato topped with tuna mayo plus plenty of salad or other veggies
  • Half a toasted aubergine topped with chickpea and tomatoes or leftovers

Afternoon snack (circa 3pm)

Dinner (circa 6pm)

Generally I make low carb recipes and then have a small amount of carbs I know I can handle or a carb free alternative. So for example:

  • A stir fry with a small portion of bucketwheat noodles (it tooks me a while to work up to this!) otherwise I might have it with cauliflower rice or Konjac noodles
  • An Italian style dish like homemade meatballs with a small portion of wholewheat/spelt/chickpea pasta.
  • A stew style dish or curry with a small portion of red or black rice. Never brown as processes in your body not too dissimilarly to white rice!
  • If we’re having anything like steak or burgers I will have this with homemade low carb bread using a fibre bread mix, and a small portion of home made sweet potato chips.


  • Homemade tofu sugar free chocolate mousse
  • Fruit & full fat Greek yogurt

Pre-bedtime snack (circa 9pm)

  • One oatcake and a teaspoon of almond butter
  • Or one oatcake and a small portion of cottage cheese – sometimes I add in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil as the combination is supposed to be super healthy for you and I love how they taste together.


When I first started getting hypos, I soon twigged that alcohol and caffeine made everything so much worse. So I have:

  • Decaf organic coffee/tea – it’s important that they are decaffeineted organically as otherwise the process uses a lot of nasty chemicals
  • Plenty or herbal teas
  • Homemade sugar free hot chocolate
  • Kombucha – I love the ones by Remedy.
  • Water drops – for changing your water into a fruit treat

A quick note

Obviously the above portion sizes might seem quite small without all those carbs, so I always make sure I have plenty of veggies along with my meals to bump them up so I don’t feel hungry. I also make sure that every meal is rich in healthy protein to ensure I’m sated.

Also when going out to eat or getting a takeway I try to order a protein rich main without a sauce (practically all sauces contain sugar unless you’ve made it yourself) and then add my own carbs as above (I take them with me in a little tupperware when we go out and nobody has ever said anything!).

I hope the above helps you figure out what sort of things to eat and when during the day when living with reactive hypoglcyemia. Please note the above is a rough guide based on my own personal experience and that I am not a medical professional.

As always if you have any questions or want to find out any further information about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me.


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