Reactive hypoglycemia & mindfully reintroducing more carbs

Hello everyone, I’m sorry it’s been a while. Things were hectic over the school summer holidays and things over on my main blog Motherhood: The Real Deal were also super busy.

The good news is…I am still alive! And not only that, over the past few months my health has been going from strength to strength. It’s now very rare that I experience symptoms at all. And I have even managed to go out dancing on two separate occassions over the last few months…something that I thought would now be beyond me. And have even managed to do a couple of at home 30 minute dance workout classes. Of course I had to do it fulled by my trusty food stash!

To recap, over the last few months I had slowly been reintroducing more complex carbs like wholegrains, ancient grains, pulses and sweet potato and I think this has really contributed to my stabilility. I’ve been slowly upping the amount I consume from two to three tablespoons with each meal. It’s been so nice to bring more diversity into what I eat in a day.

This has been fine with pretty much everything. The only thing that had me slipping back to experiencing symptoms was brown rice. I had presumed that because it was brown things would be fine. But having spoken to my dietician it turns out that although brown rice is comparatively better, the glycemic index of brown rice is only about 10 to 20 percent less than white, so it digests relatively quickly, too. So any more than two tablespoons of the brown stuff and I am back on that shaky road again.

Now that I’m able to eat more complex carbs I have to say that it feels so liberating. For a while I was anxious to even eat them…but now I realise that I can enjoy them as part of a balanced meal that includes enough protein and fat.

So although I’m no longer militantly counting the carbs, I am still eating them in a mindful way and in small amounts. I’m careful to never get complacent. We all know what happens what you do…

I also want to share with you awesome low carb products I have discovered recently which have changed my life. Seriously! One thing I have really missed in all of this is bread. But I have found the most amazing low carb pittas, flatbreads and wraps from Joseph’s Bakery.

OMG the first time I ate one of their flatbreads made out of flaxseed, oatbran and whole wheat wth some cream cheese and smoked salmon inside it I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had missed bread so much! Do check out their range because it’s been a life saver.

I also have a packet of Sukrin fiberbread mix on the kitchen counter which I need to bake so will let you know how that turns out too.

One last little update is that I’ve found that alongside strawberries, blackberries and raspeberries that kiwi fruit, watermelon and pink grapefruit are all tolerable so long as they are eaten with enough fat and protein. I usually have low sugar fruits with my breakfast which tends to be the most substantial (and fatty!) meal of the day which helps not send my pancreas into overdrive when these lovely fruits enter my system.

I’ll be updating soon on an interesting approach I’m taking with trying to take my recovery to the next level so watch this space!


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