Here’s why lemon water is my new best friend

How many times have you read that starting the day with lemon water is a super healthy thing to do? I always loved the cleansing feeling of doing so – but wasn’t really sure if there was something in it, or if it was just another health fad.

But now I have found something that really makes me want to drink lemon water more than just in the morning!

It may have been folk lore up until now that lemon water can help control blood sugar levels. But at the weekend I read that now there is the science to back it up.

Researchers from by Université Paris-Saclay discovered that lemon juice slows the body’s digestion system, pausing the conversion of carbohydrate into sugar. And that has to be good news for those of us trying to get a handle on reactive hypoglycemia which is similar in many ways to type 2 diabetes.

So add the drink to your mealtimes and help keep that blood sugar stable. You can make really delicious healthy sugar free lemonade. Here’s the recipe – perfect for your lunch and dinner time drinks.

Otherwise, squeezing some lemon in a cup of water will do just as well! Refreshing tasty and our new best friend in beating the blood sugar crash. Our best friend the lemon.


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