Reactive hypoglycemia – auto immune or not?

So those of you who have been following this blog will know that I had been sitting on an autoimmune/anti nuclear test for months. It was sitting on my desk staring at me, willing me to take it into the hospital. I am a classic procrastinator when something scares me. And this scared me. Deep down inside I was scared that perhaps I had inherited my Dad’s Lupus and that was what had caused all this reactive hypoglycemia chaos. Or that one of my mum’s various auto immune issues was at play here.

But finally, I was in the right head space to do this. And so off I went to have my blood test done at the hospital, and a week later guess what popped into my inbox? An email saying that all results were NEGATIVE!

I breathed a massive sigh of relief, because while I DID want to know what was at the root of my reactive hypoglycemia, I was praying hard that it wasn’t Lupus or some other wayward auto immune condition.

But still, I am puzzled. With these now ruled out, this all brings me back to one of my original thoughts on how I developed reactive hypoglycemia, and that perhaps some stealth infection had caused this. Stealth infections cause damage to cell membranes which leads to fatigue, loss of energy, loss of ability to perform functions, and can impair our ability to think, remember, understand and sleep. They get inside cells and hide inside cells and can’t be seen by the immune system. All of this was me, and I can’t help but wonder whether somehow a stealth infection found its way into the cells in my pancreas.

And the thing is, I will probably never know. One thing I have learnt is that tests aren’t always the answer. I have had so many tests now but not one of them has shed any light on why my body had this crazy flip, and why I now have reactive hypoglycemia. I’ve decided instead to focus on the things that have worked – and that is treating the symptoms from within, holistically, and doing what feels right for me and my body. The quest for the answers ends here my friends. Sometimes we just have to accept that there isn’t always a clear answer to the strange things are bodies end up doing.


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