My thoughts on how I got reactive hypoglycemia

The question I have asked myself time and time again is….how did this happen to me???! How did I get sucked into this crazy world of reactive hypoglycemia?

I wasn’t overweight – quite the opposite. I ate healthily. I exercised. I drank in moderation.

I was recently sitting in an all you can eat buffet on a holiday marvelling at how out of all of the people piling up their plates, I was the one with reactive hypoglycemia watching what I ate like I had an eating disorder. It felt very ironic indeed.

But hey, that’s life!

Still….why DID this happen to me? I have always had a fast metabolism, and I come from a family of auto immune conditions – my mum has Ankylosing Spondilitis, and my dad has Lupus. I had precancerous cells in my thyroid around seven years ago before my daughter was born. I had the whole thing removed and in the process they discovered I had Hashimoto’s antibodies. I sometimes wonder whether the thing that was attacking my thyroid had simply moved on to another part of my body! After all, everything in our bodies is linked.

But apart from the bigger things, there was also another lead up to this – burn out. I had been working hard, and had offered to volunteers at my daughter’s school Christmas fair. It was freezing and I stood outside in the penetrating cold for hours. I caught the mother of all colds – absolutely stinking, then after that kept on getting ill time and time again. For months I just couldn’t shake it and was constantly exhausted.

I pushed on regardless (bad idea in hindsight!). I remember going up to London to give a talk dosed up on cold and flu medicine, absolutely full of it, thinking – what on earth am I doing? I should be at home in bed.

Well, you all know what followed…..

At the end of the day, I don’t really know what has caused all of this. I had put my money on it either being the Epstein Barr virus which cause health disorders and raises the risk of autoimmune disease.

Either way, my body had a major slip, and things would never quite be the same again.

At time of writing, I have an antinuclear antibodies blood test sitting on my desk to be taken to have done at my local hospital. It’s been sitting there since December, and I guess I’m procrastinating because for now, I feel like ignorance is bliss. That said, I don’t think I can put it off any longer.


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on how I got reactive hypoglycemia

  1. This is so interesting! I have reactive hypoglycemia and Graves’ Disease (overactive thyroid). Maybe it is an endocrine thing! (Although I’m also about to have tests to see if its due to rapid gastric emptying and malabsorption). But the reactive hypoglycemia thing all kicked off after burn out, as I was a performance runner at University and completely over-did it on the training. I ran a half marathon in 30 C but had no suncream on and didn’t stop for water the whole way round, as I was determined to get a specific time – I never felt well again after that race!


    1. Interesting – I had my thyroid out due to precancerous cells and I am guessing there is a link there and as you say it is probably an endocrine thing. I wonder what you will find out in your tests!


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