8 things not to say to a person with reactive hypoglcyemia

We all know people mean well, but sometimes they can be so annoying can’t they?! You know the drill – usually it’s at some kind of social gathering or somewhere where someone is trying to give you something you don’t want, or is in charge of getting your food and they just have no clue. Here are some of the most annoying comments I’ve found when you’re out and about and people just don’t get it!

Go on, just try some!

No you know what, I won’t try some unless you want my blood sugar levels to crash and me to pull a whitey within the next hour or so and then take another couple of hours to recover. Thanks but no thanks.

But you don’t look like anything’s wrong with you

Well we all know that how you look on the outside can be the total opposite of what’s going on on the inside, don’t we?

Are you going to have this forever?

Sure as hell hope not but I’m currently deluding myself with the fact that it may just magically dissappear one day. So I don’t need you asking me questions that will force me to think about the harsh reality which is that I will probably have this forever.

But you seem totally fine!

Yup and I’ve worked damned hard walking a blood sugar tight rope everyday just so you can say that to me.

Oh yes, I really need to eat too – I’m so hungry!

You need to eat because you’re hungry. I need to eat because I’m starting to feel ill. There’s a big difference!

Have you tried (insert X Y Z here)

Thanks for your kind consideration but yes I have researched this to hell and tried every single god damn solution, potion and therapy under the sun to make it go away.

Oh do you still have that problem?

Thanks for reminding me. Yes I still do.

What do you mean you can’t have (insert X Y Z here)

Yes I know as appalling as it may seem to you that I can’t have a crusty ciabatta roll, or that massive gooey slice of chocolate cake, or a steaming Starbucks vanilla latte or a nice cold Aperol Spritz. But I don’t need you rubbing it in my face!


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