Reactive hypoglycemia and alternative therapies

I knew there had to be more that could be done after receiving my results from the endocrinologist to get me on the path to better health. I was still painfully weak and struggling with my day to day and I wasn’t ready to accept that as my life.

There are a few things I think that helped me to get better and stronger – aside from managing diet very strictly, and I wanted to share some of these things here. Please note I am not a medical professional and simply sharing my experiences of what I think worked for me:

Herbal medicine

I am very lucky to know a fantastic Medicinal Herbal Practitioner. She had already helped me with problems with my hormones which I struggled with after becoming a mum. I am a big believer in the power of herbal medicine so I was optimistic. She worked with me to develop various tinctures containing herbs to help stabilize my blood sugar levels and advised me on various supplements to take which would also help do the same.


Wowzers you should see the state of my supplement cabinet! I could probably open a health food store with it. But every day I would religiously take:


Not everyone gets on well with acupuncture. Thankfully, I did. My acupuncturist worked on balancing my blood sugar levels through acupuncture and also alleviating any inflammation in my pancreas and digestive system. I went every week for about two months, until I started feeling better. Note: acupuncture is something you have to commit to be able to reap the benefits. I always used to feel so much better after a session and I think it really helped me get healthier and stronger.

CBD oil

CBD oil is known to get all your systems back in sync once one of them has got out of whack – and mine had certainly got out of whack with reactive hypoglycemia! I thought I had nothing to lose, so I started taking CBD oil daily. It was only after I started doing this that I was finally able to gain and keep on weight. I was then also able to go longer than two hours before having to eat again. After I started taking the CBD oil, I was able to go to two and a half hours, and later on even three hours before having to eat again. I was literally over the moon!

You can read more about why CBD oil can help control blood sugar levels here.


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